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QCM’s latest newsletter – out now - Thursday, August 28th, 2014

qcm_qualitycontrolmanagement-300x151See the latest QCM newsletter here

Packed with news, NPA’s, an article on 100 years of Swiss military aviation, vacancies and more – QCM’s latest newsletter is now available!

IAT – first Pakistani Member of EAMTC - Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Zahid Mahmood, IAT’s CEO said, “The Institute of Aviation and Technology is committed to provide its customers with the highest quality in aviation training related products and services in an environment where employees are proud to work and generate superior services.”

Zahid continued, “We are the first self-made, self-financed institute of aviation education training in Pakistan. The Institute of Aviation & Technology is an institute where futuristic goals of the students are made possible to achieve by discipline, punctuality and top of the class aviation faculty best possible affiliations with well-known international education training centres. We are proud to be the first Pakistani members of the EAMTC.”

See the details of IAT at


Rolls-Royce – new EAMTC member - Friday, August 22nd, 2014


Customer Training

Customer Training is fully integrated into the Rolls-Royce Technical Services, Customer Services organizations and TotalCare®. The training centre in Derby, UK is a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 147 approved centre. EASA approved Line and Base Maintenance ‘engine type’ courses are designed against a backdrop of in-service operational data, latest maintenance practices and trouble-shooting procedures.

Training courses comprise of a blend of classroom instruction coupled with practical ‘on-engine’ activities in the ‘workshop’. Training courses can also be delivered to the customer at a number of Rolls-Royce Training Centres in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia or subject to requirements, ‘on-site’ at the customer’s own facility.

Training courses are delivered led by experienced and qualified instructors, who take a practical approach to learning.

See the Rolls-Royce Customer Training web site here


Completely revised iPad app “LTT viewer” - Friday, August 15th, 2014

231 up-to-date CourseNotes provided in compliance with EU1149

The LTT viewer has received a new design and has been optimized for iOS7.

Wiping from left to right now shows a menu which contains the QR-scanner. This alleviates the access to individual unlockable documents. A QR-code can replace the entry of the user name and password.

A separate menu item for rotary wings (or heli in brief) is new, too. This folder includes all CourseNotes of the EASA Part-66 module M12 for Cat A and Cat B1.

The most important changes within the LTT viewer affect the CourseNotes regarding Cat A, Cat B1 and Cat B2. More than 70% of the existing CourseNotes were revised and in addition 118 new CourseNotes were published on top. All in all 231 up-to-date CourseNotes are now available for Cat A, Cat B1 and Cat B2. They are all compliant to the Commission Regulation (EU) No 1149/2011, of course.

You can download the LTT viewer for free – here


MINT signs major software agreement with Avianca Holdings S.A. - Friday, August 15th, 2014


Kiel, 15th of August 2014 – MINT Software Systems today officially announces the signature of a service agreement with the Avianca Holdings S.A. that incorporates the delivery of an all-inclusive training management solution to all of the eight group’s airlines.

The German software provider MINT Software Systems has signed a service agreement for the delivery of its comprehensive training management solution MINT TMS to eight airlines that are part of the south American Avianca Holdings.

“We are very pleased to welcome all eight Avianca Holdings S.A airlines as our newest customers and to helping them to optimize the training management at all of the groups’ airlines in same time”, says Christian Hollmann, Vice President of MINT Software Systems.

The full Press Release can be seen here

MINT Software Systems

QCM EASA Regulations (OPS & FCL) courses - Thursday, August 14th, 2014

The rules on the operation of aircraft will change as of the end of October 2014. Operators need to be prepared for the upcoming changes. Operating procedures and company documentation need to be updated and the changes need to be managed.

Course Contents

The courses explain the structure and content of the new EASA regulations with focus on the regulation on Air Operations or Flight Crew Licencing. They also present the regulatory environment and the historic development of the new rules and discuss practical solutions on how to cope with the changes in cooperation with your national aviation authority.


Managers and nominated post-holders of commercial and non-commercial companies and everybody involved in aircraft operations.

See the course details here


LRTT to re-brand as “Resource Group Aviation Technical Training” by September 2014 - Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

As from 29th September 2014 LRTT will be adopting the brand name “Resource Group Aviation Technical Training”. This re-brand is to align LRTT within the parent company brand architecture of Resource Group.

LRTT has been part of Resource Group since 2003 and has now taken the decision to bring all non-Resource Group branded businesses into the corporate umbrella branding structure. This approach will enable Resource Group to better project and promote its portfolio of businesses within the market place and allow the synergies within Resource Group businesses to be better reflected within one brand.

This is a branding change only and it does not affect the legal name so whilst the former brand name of LRTT will no longer be promoted after October 2014, it remains the legal entity. All corporate communications will reflect this by referencing ‘LRTT Limited trading as Resource Group.’

Click here for further details.


SR Technics – remaining Open Courses in 2014 and a special offer - Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

SR Technics is pleased to inform you about their remaining open courses for 2014.

Special Offer: When booking a full type training course, you will receive a free of charge iPad on which SR Technics’ type training courseware is delivered in digital format. After the training, the iPad as well as the courseware remain your personal belonging.

For inquiries please contact or call +41 58 688 50 74 or 78

Basic Training
Full Certificate of Recognition Series (B-0043) – Zurich

  • 01.09.14 – 05.09.14 Module 1 – Mathematics Cat. B1/B2
  • 08.09.14 – 11.09.14 Module 2 – Physics Cat. B1/B2
  • 15.09.14 – 19.09.14 Module 3 – Electrical Fundamentals Cat. B1/B2
  • 22.09.14 – 24.09.14 Module 4 – Electronic Fundamentals Cat. B1
  • 22.09.14 – 26.09.14 Module 4 – Electronic Fundamentals Cat. B2
  • 29.09.14 – 30.09.14 Module 8 – Basic Aerodynamics Cat. B1/B2
  • 01.10.14 – 08.10.14 Module 6 – Materials and Hardware Cat. B1
  • 09.10.14 – 21.10.14 Module 7 – Maintenance Practices Cat. B1
  • 22.10.14 – 27.10.14 Module 5 – Digital Techniques Cat. B1
  • 28.10.14 – 17.11.14 Module 11 – Aeropl. Aerodyn. Stuct. and Sys. Cat. B1
  • 18.11.14 – 26.11.14 Module 15 – Gas Turbine Engine Cat. B1
  • 27.11.14 – 28.11.14 Module 9 – Human Factors Cat. B1/B2
  • 01.12.14 – 04.12.14 Module 10 – Aviation Legislation Cat. B1/B2
  • 05.12.14 – 09.12.14 Module 17 – Propeller Cat. B1

Review and Exam Series (B-0050) – Zurich

  • 11.08.14 – 11.08.14 Module 1 – Mathematics Cat. B1/B2
  • 12.08.14 – 12.08.14 Module 2 – Physics Cat. B1/B2
  • 13.08.14 – 14.08.14 Module 3 – Electrical Fundamentals Cat. B1/B2
  • 14.08.14 – 14.08.14 Module 4 – Electronic Fundamentals Cat. B1
  • 18.08.14 – 20.08.14 Module 6 – Materials and Hardware Cat. B1
  • 20.08.14 – 22.08.14 Module 7 – Maintenance Practices Cat. B1
  • 25.08.14 – 25.08.14 Module 9 – Human Factors Cat. B1/B2
  • 26.08.14 – 27.08.14 Module 15 – Gas Turbine Engine Cat. B1
  • 28.08.14 – 29.08.14 Module 10 – Aviation Legislation Cat. B1/B2
  • 01.09.14 – 08.09.14 Module 11 – Aeropl. Aerodyn. Stuct. and Sys. Cat. B1
  • 09.09.14 – 11.09.14 Module 5 – Digital Techniques Cat. B1
  • 12.09.14 – 12.09.14 Module 8 – Basic AerodynamicsCat. B1/B2
  • 15.09.14 – 15.09.14 Module 17 – Propeller Cat. B1
  • 15.09.14 – 23.09.14 Module 13 – AC Aerodyn., Struct. & Sys Cat. B2
  • 24.09.14 – 24.09.14 Module 14 – Propulsion Cat. B2

Review and Exam Series (B-0051) – Zurich

  • 29.09.14 – 29.09.14 Module 1 – Mathematics Cat. B1/B2
  • 30.09.14 – 30.09.14 Module 2 – Physics Cat. B1/B2
  • 01.10.14 – 02.10.14 Module 3 – Electrical Fundamentals Cat. B1/B2
  • 03.10.14 – 03.10.14 Module 4 – Electronic Fundamentals Cat. B1
  • 06.10.14 – 06.10.14 Module 9 – Human Factors Cat. B1/B2
  • 07.10.14 – 08.10.14 Module 10 – Aviation Legislation Cat. B1/B2
  • 09.10.14 – 09.10.14 Module 8 – Basic Aerodynamics Cat. B1/B2
  • 10.10.14 – 10.10.14 Module 17 – Propeller Cat. B1
  • 13.10.14 – 15.10.14 Module 6 – Materials and Hardware Cat. B1
  • 15.10.14 – 17.10.14 Module 7 – Maintenance Practices Cat. B1
  • 20.10.14 – 22.10.14 Module 5 – Digital Techniques Cat. B1
  • 23.10.14 – 24.10.14 Module 15 – Gas Turbine Engine Cat. B1
  • 27.10.14 – 03.11.14 Module 11 – Aeropl. Aerodyn. Stuct. and Sys. Cat. B1

Type Training

Airbus 320 (T-0032) – Zurich

  • 08.09.14 – 17.10.14 A320FAM (CFM56) Theory Cat. B1/B2
  • 19.10.14 – 05.11.14 A320FAM (CFM56) Practical Night-shift Cat. B1/B2
  • 06.11.14 – 11.11.14 A320 (V2500) Additional Engine Theory Cat. B1/B2
  • 12.11.14 – 12.11.14 A320 (V2500) Additional Engine Practical Cat. B1/B2

Airbus 330/340 (T-0042) – Zurich

  • 06.10.14 – 14.11.14 A330 (RR Trent 700) Theory Cat. B1/B2
  • 17.11.14 – 03.12.14 A330 (RR Trent 700) Practical Cat. B1/B2
  • 04.12.14 – 09.12.14 A330 (PW4000) Additional Engine Theory Cat. B1/B2
  • 10.12.14 – 10.12.14 A330 (PW4000) Additional Engine Practical Cat. B1/B2
  • 11.12.14 – 16.12.14 A330 (GE CF6) Additional Engine Theory Cat. B1/B2
  • 17.12.14 – 17.12.14 A330 (GE CF6) Additional Engine Practical Cat. B1/B2


Basic Training: What does Review and Exam mean?

The review and exam product which is offered by SR Technics Training Services comprises the following 3 stages: Self Study, Review and Examination. Upon successful registration you will receive the course notes as a PDF document. It is expected that you take a minimum of 1 month prior to the review class to self-study the notes. During review classes students are given the opportunity to interactively participate and ask our lecturer questions on topics on which they do not feel comfortable yet. The instructor will follow a quicker than usual course flow, hence good preparation is a must. At the end of the review class, the closed book examination is conducted. With a minimum passing grade of 75% you will receive the relevant Part 147 “examination only” certificate.

Basic Training: What happens if I fail an exam?

You will have the chance to be re-examined after a cooling period of 90 days.
Please consult one of our sales representatives to find the best solution for you.


On-line Safety Management Systems training course - Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Resource Group’s ‘Aviation Technical Training’ Division (LRTT) have recently added a Safety Management Systems online training course to their existing portfolio.

The key learning outcomes are:

  • Describe what an SMS is
  • Know what an SMS should achieve
  • Understand how an effective SMS should be implemented and maintained

Prices start at £65.00 for an individual user, with discounts available for bulk corporate orders.

Click here to be directed to the SMS page.


FL Technics Training Launches on-line courses platform - Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

FL Technics Training has announced the launch of – Online Training™, an Internet-based platform providing online EASA-compliant courses.

The platform covers a set of specialized continuing and re-current courses, supplemented by the required examination and, upon successful completion, the issuance of relevant certificates.

Online Training™ is a remote EASA Part-147-compliant training programme, based on visually enhanced materials available online. The programme is designed specifically for aircraft technical professionals and is aimed at both individuals and employers seeking to receive specialized aviation training in-house thus substantially saving both time and money.

FL Technics Training offers those that join Online Training™ today, one FREE course! Visit FL Technics Training website to know more about current and upcoming online courses.

The FL Technics Training on-line courses press release is here


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