How to Join

Please see the Charter of the Foundation for details and conditions for membership.

Article 3 gives the details of membership.


Article 3

3.1 Application for full membership is open to:

• EASA Part-147 approved basic and / or type training organisations.

• EASA Part-145 approved maintenance organisations.

3.2 Application for associate membership is open to:

• Any organisation associated with commercial air transport.

3.3 All memberships shall be granted upon a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

The application form(s) mentioned at article 3.4 may be downloaded here.

Membership Application Form 1 of 2

Membership Application Form 2 of 2

Please submit your application forms via this link or use the address provided on the form.

The Treasurer will raise the invoice for the payment of the fees mentioned in article 3.4

Appendix 1 refers to the fees. These are an initial joining fee of € 250 and the annual membership fee of € 1750.

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