AM&TS – New Accountable Manager

image0013-300x1282Hoogerheide – The Netherlands – 30th April, 2015

The Aircraft Maintenance & Training School (Part 147:NL:147.7174) announces the appointment of Mr. Wim Blinkhof, General Manager to the position of Accountable Manager.

Wim Blinkhof has been working for AM&TS since 2012. He has broad international experience in developing, optimizing and Wimgrowing companies. Wim specializes in business strategy and planning.

AM&TS offers aircraft maintenance training for both students and professionals with excellent service, excellent quality under its EASA Part-147 approval for Basic and Type Training, strong customer relationships and a broad product portfolio.

AM&TS assists the customer through the entire process of pre-course application, during the training delivery and post-course support.

You may join Wim via his LinkedIn network, via email at or by surfing to the AM&TS website for more information.

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