ASTech – New EAMTC Member

With diverse major interests, particularly in the field of aviation training, ASTech (Atlantic Simulation & Training Technologies) is a high-tech company based in Galway, Ireland.

ASTech’s core business is the development and delivery of training, exam software and assessment systems.

Dr. Paul Nolan, ASTech’s CEO said, “ASTech’s major focus is on training for the aviation industry. The EAMTC is the obvious professional body for us. Amongst ASTech’s product range is a variety of systems for pilot training and flight training organisations, maintenance engineer and technician training including of course, Part 147 Organisations.”

Paul noted: “Regulatory compliance is always at the fore of considerations in our systems. We understand the issues this brings to approved organisations. Our systems are all fully compliant with the strictest regulations.”

The ASTech product range includes:

  • Exam Software (both certifying and formative)
  • Assessment Systems for Engineering / Technical Staff
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Specialised courseware
  • Training simulators and Synthetic Training Devices


Paul continued: “We are particularly proud of ASTech’s GEMS software. This is one of ASTech’s flagship products. It is an exam management system for industry.

The assessment tool automates the complete examination process, from maintaining a database of examination questions, generating exams based on regulatory authority rules, preparation of required reports and statistical analysis of results. With GEMS exam generation and correction can be performed in minutes. Both paper based (with and without automatic correction) and online exams are accommodated.”

“ASTech recently announced collaboration with fellow EAMTC Member’s, MINT Software Sytems, on the development of an interface between MINT’s TMS and ASTech’s GEMS. This is very exciting“, Paul continued, ”As between the two companies we are able to offer a suite of products that covers the entire range of training exam and administrative activities.”

“Having attended many EAMTC meetings over the years, we are very pleased and excited to be part of the membership. We have a great relationship with the long established members and look forward to cementing our ties with new ones.”



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