ASTech’s GEMS exam system – now with LTT in the Philippines

ASTech’s GEMS exam system now with LTT in the Philippines.

Lufthansa Technical Training Philippines (LTTP), an aviation maintenance school based in Manila, is ASTech’s newest customer for GEMS, their fully regulatory compliant examination management system that is fast becoming an industry standard.

LTTP is the latest Aviation Maintenance Training Organization to choose ASTech’s GEMS (General Examination Management System) as the organization’s examination management system to facilitate and optimize the generation of exams for aircraft maintenance engineer courses.

The acquisition of GEMS by LTTP again demonstrates that ASTech’s GEMS is regarded as a world-class software solution for exam management among EASA Part-147 organizations and highlights the trust the industry has in the software.

LTTP’s acquisition of GEMS further allows ASTech to extend its presence in the Asia – Pacific market. The software provider will use this opportunity to extend its business relations and further expand GEMS’ product usage worldwide.

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