Aviation Vocational Education & Training Survey (AirVET)

The main objectives of the AirVET European project are to design, develop, evaluate and disseminate new training in specific areas of maintenance and Information and Communications Technologies.

The AirVET project members now need industry opinions. The current project phase is to collect the continuing education needs in the fields of aeronautics and air transport.

There is a questionnaire link below for an employee or manager of the aviation industry or air transport, training provider or trainer. It only takes a few minutes to complete. Each questionnaire is anonymous.

An outcome of the AirVET project (October 2015) will be freely available training support products (royalty free for their use and modification). The more information obtained, the more relevant the training products will be.

Links to the Questionnaires

For employees

For managers

For VET providers

For VET trainers

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