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Aviator-Logo11EAMTC members cooperate to achieve Part 66 B1.1 success

Vladislav Berlev, Aviator Training Centre, Director told the EAMTC that, “Since last November we have been working in cooperation with our Dutch partner, Aviation Competence Centre, represented by Maarten De Klerk, on a Basic Training project. Our first group of students have been trained on Part 66 Basic B1.1 modules and recently passed their relevant examinations. We are now recruiting the next group of students.”

Aviation_Competence_CentreYou can see the story here at the Aviator Training Centre web site

You can go to the Aviation Competence Centre web site here

Work to Increase the Scope of Approval

Vladislav continued, “We are currently in progress of extending our EASA Part-147 scope of work to include the Sukhoi Superejt 100 (RRJ-95B). This is anticipated to be completed later this year. We are building on the experience we have previously gained as we are already approved by the Russian CAA for this aircraft type and finished the 4th B1+B2 training recently. In the meantime last year our scope was extended to include the Bombardier CL600-2B19 aircraft (CRJ 100/200).”

Competence Assessment Tool

Vladislav concluded, “We are rather proud to announce that our training centre has developed a special software for the competence assessment of Part-145 personnel, in accordance with Part 145.A.30(e) requirement. The software is unique and allows an organisation to have a customized tool for competence assessment which, we believe, will save time and money for this process.”

New Courses at Aviator Training Centre

  • Safety Management Systems
  • Technical Contracts & Warranty Claims




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