CASA publish HF resources guide

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Ausrtala (CASA) has published a 200 page Human Factors handbook – the resource guide for engineers. It covers an introduction to human factors, error management, decision making, fatigue, communication, teamwork and much more. There are case studies to show how the principles of human factors apply in real world situations. The kit also includes a workbook for engineers, a facilitator’s guide, a CD-ROM of resources and a DVD. The DVD features a drama, called Crossed Wires, which portrays a day in the life of a fictitious maintenance organisation where mistakes are made. This is followed by the Right Connection, which looks at how the mistakes could have been avoided. In addition there are interviews with 12 human factors experts. In total this is a powerful package of information, education and training.

You can order the kit here from the CASA web site and you can download it here.