Courses from BAS Aircraft Engineering Training Centre

BAETC Courses overview

BAS Aircraft Engineering Training Centre (BAETC) is an EASA 147 organization fully accredited by the European Aviation Safety Agency with accreditation certificate EASA 147.0002.

BAETC holds a peerless position as the most specialized aviation training centre in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Combining both practical and theoretical aspects of the principles of aircraft engineering the BAETC training program offers more personalized training and instruction by stipulating 12 to 15 students per class.

Practical courses take place at the BAS Engineering Practical Training Centre, located within Bahrain International Airport.

Students find themselves highly motivated and inspired by the exciting, hands-on learning environment, well preparing them for the rigors of professional life in the aviation industry.

BAETC is currently accredited to deliver training in the categories B1.1 and B2. Both categories require 2400 guided learning hours which are completed during the two year program.

BAETC has a wide range of type rating training and other courses available.

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