GEMS Type Exam Management System

Paul Nolan, CEO, ASTech

Dr Paul Nolan, ASTech’s CEO spoke to the EAMTC, “Its been a particularly busy period in which, as well as being at the EAMTC Lugano conference, we’ve been delighted to launch our latest release of GEMS Type.”

Paul described the system, “GEMS Type (Maintenance) is an advanced exam management and generation system designed specifically to automate the production of exam papers for EASA Part 147, Part 145, Part 66 and FAA approved multiple-choice type rating examinations specific to an aircraft or family of aircraft. It can generate both paper-based (with or without automatic grading) and online exams and has comprehensive analysis and reporting functionality.

GEMS  Type (Maintenance) takes over the day-to-day task of exam management; it produces random, non-repeating type rating exams (and associated solution papers for correction purposes) covering questions specific to selected aircraft or families of aircraft. It is also quick and easy to use: exams can be generated in minutes (as compared to hours and sometimes days using traditional approaches) using a simple point-and-click interface.”

You can see the full range of GEMS at ASTech’s web site


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