General Aviation – alternative approach to Type Training needed for older, non-commercial twin-turbine a/c types

Problem statement

The General Aviation community has raised the issue that it is not commercially viable for Part 147 MTO to establish and maintain approved courses for most of the older, non-commercial twin-turbine aircraft types that will be in the EASA Group 1. There are few students that will need such courses.

As a small number of EAMTC members are concerned with General Aviation, the EAMTC has been asked to assist with this problem. The assistance suggested is in the form of establishing a Working Group whose objective is to suggest an alternative approach to the Type Rating Training requirements for these aircraft.

There are approximately 117 non-commercial twin-turbine aircraft types for which people could be qualified under the scheme to be suggested.

First Step

Members interested in forming a WG for this project are requested to contact the EAMTC President (via the contact us link on the “About Us” page on this site if they do not have the President’s email address).

Sufficient interest in the project would lead to a General Assembly vote at the 56th EAMTC meeting at London Gatwick on 27th and 28th March 2012. Acceptance by the General Assembly would lead to a WG being established as per EAMTC procedures.