GR 1007 on Devices used in Maintenance Training published

The outcome of an EAMTC Working Group, the Guidelines and Recommendations GR 1007 on Devices for use in Maintenance Training, was approved by the 64th General Assembly meeting in Vergiate. It is now published in the members area of this web site.

GR 1007 combines the best of and supersedes GR 1004 (Synthetic Training Device Levels) and GR 1005 (Practical Maintenance Training Devices).

Members of the EAMTC working group also participated in the EASA working group on Rule Making Task.0281 (New Teaching/Training Technologies).

EAMTC President, Ian Williams, said, “EAMTC working groups are one of the main means by which industry can positively contribute to improving our industry and its regulation. I am very grateful to and proud of the members that contributed to this excellent document.”

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