IAAG Institute Aeronautique announces hosting of 2014 Instructor Seminar

Michael Bourgeois, Training Manager at the IAAG Institut Aeronautique, Merville-Calonne, France, told the EAMTC, “We are delighted to confirm that IAAG will host the 2014 Instructor Seminar.”

Three activities of the Amaury de la Grange training centres are based at the airfield of Merville-Calonne. These are the:

  • Maintenance training school
  • Flying school
  • Workshops for the repair and maintenance of the IAAG flying school’s aircraft

The maintenance training school at the IAAG (Institut Aéronautique d’Amaury de la Grange)  has the all facilities and teaching resources required for the theoretical and practical training of student maintenance engineers.

These include training rooms and specialist workshops for practical work experience (electricity, metrology, basic mechanics, sheet metalworking and composite materials).

With the benefit of retired aircraft and engines for practical work experience, the school is able to recreate actual interior and exterior maintenance working conditions.

A computer based examination centre, approved for exams for the issue of Part 66 licences, is part of the school’s facilities.

See IAAG’s details here