KSAO – the latest EAMTC members

KouvolaLocated in South East Finland, the Kouvola Region Vocational College (KSAO) is the latest organisation to join EAMTC.

The KSAO Aircraft Maintenance School based at Utti currently holds EASA Part 147 approval for B1.3 helicopters. The new1 training facilities for maintenance staff training are located 3in the civilian sector of Utti Airfield.

Samu Linnimaa, the Training Manager, said, “Having had contact with the EAMTC from my previous jobs, I know that membership will bring great benefits to us here at Kouvola. We are dedicated to ensuring the competence of our graduates and to improving aviation safety. The way we work in the training domain is key to achieving these goals.”
web site: www.ksao.fi