LRTT to re-brand as “Resource Group Aviation Technical Training” by September 2014

As from 29th September 2014 LRTT will be adopting the brand name “Resource Group Aviation Technical Training”. This re-brand is to align LRTT within the parent company brand architecture of Resource Group.

LRTT has been part of Resource Group since 2003 and has now taken the decision to bring all non-Resource Group branded businesses into the corporate umbrella branding structure. This approach will enable Resource Group to better project and promote its portfolio of businesses within the market place and allow the synergies within Resource Group businesses to be better reflected within one brand.

This is a branding change only and it does not affect the legal name so whilst the former brand name of LRTT will no longer be promoted after October 2014, it remains the legal entity. All corporate communications will reflect this by referencing ‘LRTT Limited trading as Resource Group.’

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