LTT Electrical Wiring and Interconnection Systems (EWIS) now available as web based training

Press release – Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT)

Hamburg, 8 February 2011:

The web-based training course, “Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems” (EWIS), is now available for customers and interested parties to use. Starting with the requirements and regulations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT) has developed this course from the methods and didactic points of view to cater for the needs of multiple target groups.

The web-based training course (WBT) was preceded by the development of a five-day in-person training course on the same topic that has been offered and delivered by LTT since 1 September 2010.

Rainer Sabrotzki, trainer and product manager at LTT responsible for the EWIS training topic:

“The cables are the veins and nerves of an aircraft. Depending on the aircraft type, there will be between 150 and 300 kilometers of cable routes on an aircraft. Hence the subject of ‘Cables’ is an important safety topic for anyone who works on an aircraft, from maintenance personnel to cabin crew and refueling staff. It is precisely for these different target groups that we have put together this training course.”

The subjects covered include cable damage and its origins, the consequences of cable fires, the assessment of damage to connectors and cables and how to work with the applicable documentation. The five-day in-person seminar also contains practical exercise units.

Whether taken as WBT or as in-person training, the course has a modular structure to enable individual customer requirements and training needs to be addressed.

With the WBT and the in-person seminar, LTT is satisfying a new requirement from EASA as to content which expands on the content of the EASA module “Cable Connectors”, now renamed “Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems” to reflect the revised content.

Klaus Schmidt-Klyk, LTT Vice President Marketing, Sales & Business Development:

“The EWIS WBT offers us excellent target-group oriented training possibilities since the flexible concept enables us to train all the groups specified in the EASA regulations in line with their training needs. The target groups covered include not only maintenance personnel and engineers but also, for example, pilots and flight attendants.”

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