LTT Philippines – 1500 students to go through training courses

LTTP is training partner for the two biggest progressive aviation institutions in the Philippines

Hamburg: 1 August 2012

Lufthansa Technical Training Philippines (LTTP) is to support the biggest education institutions in the country, Jocson College and Feati University, with the training of aeronautical personnel as their training partner. This training will satisfy the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA. The training content of the program will correspond to EASA Category CAT A. Following successful completion of their training, as the next step, students will be able to apply for the EASA license for personnel authorized to perform Category A maintenance work. The collaboration with the two institutions will in each case run for a term of five years.

Jochen Harms, General Manager at Lufthansa Technical Training Philippines said:

“With this special additional qualification students will add significant extra value to their “Mechanical and Engineering Diploma’. We are therefore very proud to have been selected by the two biggest and leading institutions in the country as competence partner for training aircraft mechanics, electronics specialists and engineers. The arrangement offers participants a huge potential for synergy effects such as work placements and project work.”

At the institutions students will be trained in an intensive five-year program that entails two years study directly at their schools plus a further three years of on-the-job training.

For this purpose LTTP will provide the schools with the necessary theoretical training documentation and the tools and materials for conducting practical training. LTTP will also conduct the examinations specified under EASA regulations.

Furthermore, the schools and LTTP intend to work together to further develop modern training methods, especially digital learning options such as web-based training (WBT).

For most of the students the on-the-job training will take place at the MRO operation of Lufthansa Technik Philippines. At the same time Jocson College has recently acquired an airworthy Boeing 727 for training purposes, and in the future it will also be possible to use this aircraft for the purposes of practical training for the students – from structural work to systems work, to ground handling and activities such as aircraft towing and engine test runs.

By the end of the five-year collaboration some 1,500 students at both universities will satisfy EASA’s requirements for Category CAT A maintenance work.

About Lufthansa Technical Training Philippines

Lufthansa Technical Training Philippines, LTD. (LTTP) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Technical Training. LTTP was founded in September 2004 and mainly focuses on the training and further training of staff in accordance with the regulations of EASA and the Philippines-Air Transport Office. From Basic Training and Type Training to specialized seminar, LTTP offers a wide range of different trainings.

About Lufthansa Technical Training:

Lufthansa Technical Training provides tailored solutions for companies and employees in the aviation industry, from selection and training to the placement of personnel. As one of the world’s leading providers of basic and further training, LTT delivers basic technical training, type-specific advanced training and non-specialized further training for employees and management staff in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) industry for aircraft, engines and components in the commercial aviation sector.