Completely revised iPad app “LTT viewer”

231 up-to-date CourseNotes provided in compliance with EU1149

The LTT viewer has received a new design and has been optimized for iOS7.

Wiping from left to right now shows a menu which contains the QR-scanner. This alleviates the access to individual unlockable documents. A QR-code can replace the entry of the user name and password.

A separate menu item for rotary wings (or heli in brief) is new, too. This folder includes all CourseNotes of the EASA Part-66 module M12 for Cat A and Cat B1.

The most important changes within the LTT viewer affect the CourseNotes regarding Cat A, Cat B1 and Cat B2. More than 70% of the existing CourseNotes were revised and in addition 118 new CourseNotes were published on top. All in all 231 up-to-date CourseNotes are now available for Cat A, Cat B1 and Cat B2. They are all compliant to the Commission Regulation (EU) No 1149/2011, of course.

You can download the LTT viewer for free – here


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