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For more than 20 years now, our customers have associated Lufthansa Technical Training GmbH with an intuition for the needs of the market, outstanding performance and top products. As a leading and innovative company we constantly need to make some changes to make sure we can sustain this position in the long term. Stagnation would not be beneficial either for you as our customers or for us as service provider.

Our company has continued to develop rapidly in recent years to assert itself as a leading provider of training services in the MRO sector in what has become an increasingly difficult market environment. We have not shied away even from difficult decisions and changes, all of which have had just one objective: to remain an attractive provider for you and to win new customers.
We have now completed this particularly difficult part of the transformation and plan to focus increasingly in the coming years on developing new methods of learning and new media, which will better satisfy the requirements of industrial transformation in which the MRO sector currently finds itself.

Andreas Kaden und Rubin Siddique

Andreas Kaden und Rubin Siddique

After over four years at the helm of Lufthansa Technical Training GmbH, I have decided to place the management of the company in new hands in order to ensure the best possible continuity in the company’s top management for the next phase of the transformation process.

Mr. Rubin Siddique will take over as Managing Director of Lufthansa Technical Training on April 1, 2016. His name should already be familiar with you since Rubin Siddique has been Chief Commercial Officer on the Board of Management of LTT since 2013. He will therefore ensure continuity at the level of company management and also offers both experience in the area of aviation training and commercial expertise.

I would like to thank you at this point for the trust and loyalty you have placed in our company and in me over the past number of years. I am certain that the management of Lufthansa Technical Training is in reliable hands with Mr. Siddique and that he will steer the company to a bright future.

With best wishes

Andreas Kaden

Managing Director


Rubin Siddique

nC4dUyQrMNaq8P80N5N8GARubin Siddique will take over as Managing Director of Lufthansa Technical Training GmbH on April 1, 2016 and will also remain on as Chief Commercial Officer, a role he has filled since 2013.

He began his career in the aviation industry in 1994 at Deutsche Aerospace Airbus (DASA), working in production planning in Hamburg. In 1996, he joined Lufthansa Flight Training GmbH. After holding various management positions, he took on a post overseeing sales and marketing for the competence training segment in 1999 before moving on to manage the Training Technologies division. In November 2003, he took on the role of Director IT and Training Technologies, where he managed major projects within the company. From 2011 until the time he joined Lufthansa Technical Training, Rubin Siddique was Managing Director at Lufthansa Flight Training Berlin and Managing Director of Lufthansa Flight Training CST.

Rubin Siddique was born in 1970 in Frankfurt/Main. He completed his engineering and business administration degree with a focus on electrical engineering and controlling at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany and at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

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