New Member – AFMAe – major French Training Organisation

The Deputy Director of AFMAe, Philippe Menin, saying that he was looking forward to working with other colleagues in the EAMTC, gave a brief overview of the organisation.

The Training Association for Aeronautical Professions (AFMAé – Association pour la Formation aux Metiers de l’Aerien) was founded on the initiative of AIR FRANCE, FNAM (National Federation of Commercial Aviation) and GIFAS (Association of French Aeronautical and Aerospace Industries).

At the heart of the professions of aeronautical techniques (engineering, construction and maintenance) and of air transport services (ramp occupation, ground operations, freight, logistics, safety and sales), AFMAe’s training courses correspond to the needs of practically all of the domains associated with the industry.

Initial training:

The Apprentice Training Centre offers enterprises the skills they need by training young people in the framework of a recognised and certified quality system (ISO 9001 – PART 147). All training courses lead to a State-recognised qualification delivered by the Ministries of Education or Employment.

Continuing training:

All initial training courses can be delivered as continuing vocational training. The AFMAé also responds to particular requests with courses such as Human Factors, the conversion from Licence B1.1 or B2, or the modules of these licences, etc.

AFMAé’s PART 147 Approval

The approval covers the following categories:





AFMAe has more than 8,000 square metres of installations, classrooms equipped with information technology, a computer-assisted teaching room, language laboratories, workshops and aircraft hangars to carry out work in real-life conditions.

Sport and cultural activities are catered for with a wide variety of facilities including a gymnasium, badminton, football and more.

Resource centres permit access to documentation, information areas and multimedia computers with Internet access.

The Apprentice Training Centre has campus accommodation for upto 50 people.

AFMAe’s brochure may be seen here

AFMAe’s web site is accessible here and on the Members page