New technology courses

As an initiative for Basic Training providers with respect to new technologies and new aircraft types, members have sourced 2 courses, with available places, as follows: –

Course 1 – Airbus A 380: – a course mainly geared for instructors and the new ATA chapters.

Course Cost: SKR 10.000 (approx. EUR 1.183)

Course Dates: Monday 10 to Friday 14 June 2013

Course Location: NFTC, Luleå, Sweden

Course Provider: Airbus, Toulouse, France

Course Description

Day1 : General familiarization (Aircraft introduction, general questions, ATA 24/42/44/45/46 level 1)

Day2 : New technology course (abbreviated*)

Day3 : New technology : ATA 42 level II / III

Day4 : ATA 46 level II / III

Day5 : ATA 44 + 45 level II / III

*an abbreviated course containing: Electro Avionics Systems, Aluminium Cables, Quad Cables & Quadrax contacts, Fiber Optic, New Data communications,Lights (HID & LED), SSPC & PRCCB, Electro Mechanical Systems,5080 PSI, Electro-Hydraulic Architecture, ATA 51 Structure.

All contact please to this email address

Note: Some spaces are still available


Course 2 – B787 General Familiarization (Level 1)

Course Cost: GBP 500 (approx EUR 580)

Course Dates: Monday 13 to Friday 17 May 2013

Course Location: Luton, UK

Course Provider, Course Description

Contact is via this link

Note: 12 spaces must be taken for the course to run