OSD – Minimum Syllabus for Type Training

Istanbul Meeting gives opportunity to comment

its already in place for Pilots and Cabin Crew and it is coming for Maintenance…

The EASA rule-making group for “Operational Suitability Data”, also known as the “Minimum Syllabus for Type Training”, RMT.0106, has just started and the Istanbul meeting will include an update on its progress.

  • What would you like the RMT.0106 rule-making group to take into consideration?
  • What type of information would a Part-147 organisation welcome from the Type Certificate Holder when the Type Rating Training is being designed?
  • What is the added value expected from the Type Certificate Holder? (in other words, what do you expect from this rule-making task for the sake of safety?)

The Istanbul meeting will be an opportunity to raise your comments.

See you in Istanbul!

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