Pilatus Aircraft Ltd joins EAMTC

PILATUS-blue-rgbPilatus Aircraft Ltd and its training centre are located in Stans, in a beautiful area in the heart of Switzerland surrounded by the Alps and close to Lake Lucerne.

The Pilatus training centre offers various courses for the entire Pilatus Aircraft fleet. All instructors are highly motivated and have many years of experience and a thorough knowledge of their fields of expertise.

PilatusAll courses are practically orientated. Whenever possible the customer’s aircraft is used for hands on training or cockpit and system familiarisation. This ensures that all the equipment and systems are presented in the customer’s configuration.

Training is supported by the latest Computer Based Training software (CBT), Flight Training Device (FTD) and other modern training systems.

Courses are available for:

  • Ground crew training
  • Flight crew training

The ground crew training courses are either EASA Part 147 and Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) approved, or fulfil ATA 100 Spec. 104 level 3 requirements for Airframe, Engine, Propeller and Electrical Systems and level 2 for Radio and Avionics.

The flight crew training courses comply with EASA PART-FCL and have been approved by the FOCA.

PilChristoph Krähenbühl, Manager Pilatus Training Centre said: “Every Pilatus Aircraft comes with a set of ground based training equipment and courses. This results in an integrated training package which is designed from the beginning to be tailored to suit the customer’s needs and syllabi and enable the objectives of the training to be met.”