Shannon Aerospace is now “Lufthansa Technik Shannon”

The Irish facility operated by Lufthansa Technik as part of its European aircraft overhaul network is now called Lufthansa Technik Shannon. What used to be Shannon Aerospace (SAL) – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik AG – has thus joined Hamburg, Berlin, Budapest, Malta and Sofia as one of the six European base maintenance facilities in name as well as in practice. The change in name coincides with the 25th Anniversary of the company which provides basic overhauls (D-checks) and annual checks (C-checks) on the Boeing 737, 757, 767 and the Airbus A320 family of aircraft. In addition Lufthansa Technik Shannon specializes in the provision of extensive services to the aircraft leasing business.

The name change also extends to its Approved Part 147 Training School which provides Category A1, B1.1 and B2 Basic Training Courses and Type Training in support of its Part 145 Approvals and for external customers.

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