Swiss Aviation Training brings the A320 into the classroom

Zurich Airport, 14 May 2012Swiss AviationTraining now offers its customers an innovative, more efficient and lower-cost option for training their technical personnel. The new Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT) is a high-performance computer tool that can realistically simulate all the various maintenance tasks which are required on an Airbus A320. Being usable anywhere and at any time, and eliminating the need to make the physical aircraft available, the VMT brings sizeable flexibility to the corresponding training activities, while simultaneously lowering their costs and shortening the length of the training courses concerned. By raising the quality of the training provided, the new VMT facility also makes a key contribution to enhancing flight safety.

With its EASA Part 147 certification, Swiss Aviation Training (SAT) is one of the first training organizations in the world to offer the latest Airbus A320 maintenance training programme for technical personnel that is currently available on the training market. The new Virtual Maintenance Trainer is a maintenance simulator which replicates a 360-degree view of the entire aircraft and specific components thereof.

The new facility enables SAT to effectively bring the A320 into the training classroom, allowing students to “walk” around the aircraft and familiarize themselves with its various features and components. With its highly realistic simulations, the VMT largely eliminates the need to conduct any tour of the real aircraft – an activity that is often both costly and difficult to conduct, given the need to maximize the in-service utilization of the aircraft concerned.

The new VMT also permits maintenance tasks to be practised on the virtual aircraft which could not be performed on the actual equipment for safety reasons, as well as allowing incorrect actions to be demonstrated with all their simulated repercussions. In doing so, the VMT doesn’t just make technical maintenance training less expensive; it makes it more flexible, more efficient, more realistic and ultimately safer, too.

“With the price of jet fuel still rising and the competitive pressures in the airline sector still increasing, the new Virtual Maintenance Trainer can make a welcome and significant contribution to enhancing an airline’s cost-efficiency,” says Manfred Brennwald, Swiss Aviation Training’s CEO & COO. “At the same time, adopting the VMT enables us to further improve the quality of the rigorous training we provide for technical personnel, and this in turn helps further enhance flight safety. So, as we can see, safety and cost-efficiency are not mutually exclusive: at SAT they go hand-in-hand.”

Maintenance by mouse click

With its Windows-like functionality, the new Virtual Maintenance Trainer is easy to use. Trainees can remove and replace various components of the aircraft they are working on with a simple click of the mouse. These “line replaceable units” are themselves arranged in modules that can easily be interchanged and can be virtually moved, removed and reinstalled on the computer screen. So actions that have been almost impossible to perform on actual aircraft in the past can now be performed at SAT, thanks to this state-of-the-art technology.

A brief film on the VMT – click here

The A320 VMT flyer – click here

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SWISS AviationTraining operates as a PART 147 organization, and is recognized as a maintenance training organization by the Chinese and Australian governments. SAT’s modular technical training concept is fully compliant with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) PART 66 requirements, and leads to the extension and retention of an aircraft maintenance licence (AML) for any of a wide range of aircraft types.

SWISS AviationTraining is a fully-owned subsidiary of Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. The company, which is headed by CEO Manfred Brennwald, has operations in Basel and Zurich and focuses on providing initial and further training for commercial pilots, cabin personnel, aircraft mechanics and corporations. An approved flight training organization and type rating training organization (FTO/TRTO), Swiss AviationTraining has extensive experience in its various training fields, and numbers several Swiss and international airlines among its customers together with further companies from other business sectors.

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