Thomas Cook Aircraft Engineering – another new member!

The Technical Training arm of Thomas Cook Aircraft Engineering (part of the Thomas Cook Group PLC), is the latest organisation to join the Foundation. Based at Manchester Airport in the UK, the organisation holds approvals for training on the A320 family and the A330.

David Owen, the Training Manager at the Technical Training Department of Thomas Cook Aircraft Engineering writes that: –

For those who don’t know us as an organisation and to give a little background to what we do, we are the Engineering training department for Thomas Cook Aircraft Engineering

We are a Part147 approved organisation (UK.147.0069) and we also look after all of the Part145 training requirements for the company (SFAR88, ETOPS, Continuation Training, HF etc).

We are also the only training dept within the Thomas Cook group (which has nearly 100 aircraft between UK/Belgium/Scandinavia/Germany) and as a result we are increasingly involved with synergy related projects across the group.

We are based in Manchester (UK) and have a team of 5, myself the TM, 3 technical instructors (who all teach type training courses and the Part 145 items) and we have 1 contracted member of staff who looks after our work experience training programme (we take approximately 30 students a year from the City Of Bristol College).

We also have an Apprenticeship programme with 24 apprentices currently, increasing to approximately 30 next year.

All of this keeps us rather busy !

Our reasons for joining the EAMTC were simple. Having attended a number of other forums / meetings / groups over the last few years (including one EAMTC meeting in Bordeaux a while ago) we saw the EAMTC as simply the most productive and focused forum available to help us understand the regulations and to help us have our voice heard in the bigger picture.

We’re really happy to get involved and be on board and look forward to meeting everyone!

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